1300 Number Plans for Danish Nationals with Businesses in Australia

It is easy to decide that your business needs a 1300 number, but deciding which carrier and plan to go for is another thing altogether. The problem is that there are so many plans to choose from such that businesspeople can end up being confused about which one is best for them. When choosing a plan to go for, your business needs should direct you.

There are three factors that you should consider; monthly charges of the plan, the number of free minutes offered for local calls and landline to landline, and the call rates. Choosing a good plan will also depend on where most of your calls come from and how long they last.

Local and Landline to Landline Calls

If most of the calls are local, you need to pay more attention to free minutes when you are choosing a 1300 number plan. Most carriers will offer you up to 20 free minutes for local and landline to landline calls. The 1300 number provider might offer you up to 30 minutes free talk time, and with the average call being 15 minutes you get a great deal.

Having a higher priced plan with more free minutes can be better than one which is lowly priced, but starts charging you after a few minutes. For instance, you can get a plan for $19 per month with 30 minutes for local and landline to landline calls, or you can get a plan for $5 per month with only 5 minutes free talk time.

National Calls and Mobile Calls

Businesses that receive a high number of national or long distance calls and calls from mobile devices, should consider the call rates more when choosing a plan. This includes billing increment and flagfall. Billing from different providers can be in 1 second, 30 seconds or 60 seconds.

Free talk time does not apply to national calls and calls from a mobile device. You are charged from the moment you answer the phone. You can get a plan for $19 with low call rates or a plan for $5 but with relatively high call rates. The call rates will determine the total monthly cost.

If you are looking to save money on these plans, high-cost plans with lower call rates are the best option. Lower rate plans with high call rates might end up costing you double the amount of low call rates.

Compare Plans

You need to compare plans to get the one that matches your business needs. To do so, first, check your last phone bills and check calls that are local, those that are international and how long each call takes. After you have seen where most of your calls come from, the average number of calls you receive each month, and the average length of each call, you can now compare the different plans to find one that offers the best deal.

When comparing, consider billing increment and Flagfall and free minutes. Call the service providers you are considering for answers to any of your questions.

Get Cheap Plans

To get cheap 1300 number plans, you have to consider all factors and choose the one that saves you money but benefits you the most. Don’t focus too much on the number of free minutes if you will not use them by the end of the month. You need only what matters most to your business. Pick a plan for your business wisely and save money.

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