New Roof Installation on Embassy in NYC

We are happy to announce the installation of a brand new roof on the Chinese Embassy in NYC.  The new roof allows for visitors to sit and watch the wonderful sites of the NYC skyline.  It also includes a large art installations that offer a mixture of American and Chinese artistry, a very nice blend of cultures that is amazing to look at.

A special thanks to the roofing company that worked a very long time on the project.  The total amount of time it took to complete was well over 4 months, however that is a short time considering the complexity of the operation.  Due to the amount of work that went into the entire contract, we like to take a few paragraphs to describe the end result…

Chinese Embassy NYC

A Renewed Focus on Safety

Bringing many new people onto the roof area means that safety will need to be a primary concern.  We include railings for the viewing areas, reinforced steel beams to support the added weight of all those patrons, visitors and staff.  We also hope the this will attract many more tourists to the area, so we have instilled new security protocols to allow for all this extra traffic.

The importance of structural design for safety, combined with the aesthetic desires for the architect and interior designer, make the final product very impressive and another ode to the talents of the contractor team that worked on the project.

A Mix of Cultures

As stated before we are also bringing a new mix of cultures with the new designs.  Both Chinese, American and Chinese-American artists will be showcased in the new areas.  We hope this will shine a light on the hard work and talents of both of our cultures and populations.  While China and America have long co-existed, it hasn’t brought with it the melding of societies.  Hopefully this can change that fact.

Areas for the General Public

While embassies are rightfully closed off from the general public, this new section is going to allow in portions of the public.  In order to showcase all the new designs, including the work of the Chinese-American artists, and including readings and presentations on the pressing matters of the day, it will be a gathering point for much important meeting and information.


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