Online Home of the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing

The Danish embassy and China work together to ensure the safety of all citizens.

What the Danish Embassy Does

The Danish Embassy is essentially a little bit of Denmark, anywhere else in the world. It is there to serve its people in times of crisis, to help them with official documents such as passports and travel visas (including requirements for china visa application), and also to help to maintain the community spirit of its people in the far corners of the world. They can also provide nationals of that country with the necessary information and documentation to visit their beautiful country, for work, pleasure or study.

Beijing China Embassy Locations

The Danish Embassy has been in Beijing for over 100 years, in fact they held their 100th anniversary at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

1 Dong Wu Jie, San Li Tun
Beijing 100600, China.

Tel: +86 (10) 6532 2431
Fax: +86 (10) 6532 2439
E-mail: [email protected]

Office hours: Mon-Fri:
9:00 – 17:00

Visa: Mon-Thu:
9:00 – 11:00

Danish Embassy and Tourists

Denmark is a beautiful country to visit, and promoting the country to foreign travelers around the world is just one of the different roles which the Danish Embassy must fulfill.

From some countries it is necessary to be granted a visa before your visit, and the staff at the British Embassy will be able to help you with all the necessary forms and details. A small country consisting of over 500 islands, there’s always something new to see and you’ll certainly be glad you took the trouble to visit the beautiful country of Denmark.

Beijing China Visa

Thanks to the Approved Destination Status (ADS) agreement between China and Denmark, it is now possible for the people of China to obtain a visa and visit Denmark as a tourist, for work and also for study. There is a lot of protocol which must be addressed beforehand though, and you have to book your complete trip through an accredited travel agency, both in China and with co-operation of an accredited agency in Denmark. You’ve also got to give a detailed itinerary of your stay, including flights and hotels, but it will certainly be worth getting a Beijing China Visa and visiting the beautiful country of Denmark.

Student Exchange Services and Beijing

As part of the growing co-operation between Denmark and China, in 2007 the Ministers from the two governments signed agreements, one of which was labeled China-Denmark Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Academic Degrees in Higher Education. This has enabled a number of Chinese and Danish students to study in each others countries, which is mutually beneficial for all parties.

Denmark Visa Application Process

There are two basic types of visa needed when traveling to Denmark. One, the short stay visa is only valid for a period of up to 3 months, and although it allows you to visit the country within that time, you are not permitted to work. In order for a foreign national to work in Denmark, you will need to have a Residence or Work Permit. This also includes students who travel to Denmark to study.

Who Can Use the Danish Embassy?

Thousands of people use the Danish Embassy every year, for a whole multitude of reasons, many of which are mentioned on this page. The Danish Embassy is like a little bit of Denmark wherever you are, and has often saved the day for Danes stranded abroad. The Danish Embassy, however, is also a really useful source of information for anybody wanting to know about Denmark, the laws, regulations and a little bit about the country itself.



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