2 Russian teenagers deported for overstaying their visa after their parents went away


More deportations for overstaying visas in Bali, but this time the circumstances were quite worrying.

Russian citizens SA, 16, and RA, 14, came to Bali with their mother, AS, in March 2020 – just at the start of the pandemic – to see their father, AA, who resided in Karangasem. The mother and two children entered Indonesia on tourist visas valid for 30 days.

After three weeks with the family, AS reportedly flew to Cambodia for work and left the children in AA’s care. A few months later, the father also decided to leave the country to work and asked his colleagues to take care of the children in his absence.

“The father and mother of the two teenagers never returned,” Singaraja immigration agency chief Nanang Mustofa said in a statement yesterday.

After a long wait, the two finally reported to immigration authorities on August 30. After exceeding the 883-day stay, Nanang said the two were deported on Wednesday and banned from returning to Indonesia according to the country’s regulations.

That being said, due to the fact that both were minors, Nanang said authorities were working closely with the Russian Honorary Consulate on the Island of the Gods to accompany them through the process.

SA and RA embarked for Moscow with Emirates on Wednesday evening.


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