A “fraudster” (60 years old) in difficulty because of false VISA; Airport officials spot scam as couple boards plane


By Paul Katanda

An elderly woman from Harare has been dragged through Harare Magistrates Courts for fraud after allegedly receiving money from a married couple and presenting them with fake Australian VISAs.

The couple only discovered the scam at the airport after airline staff informed them that the Australian visas in their passports were forged.

The accused, Adonis Juleka (60) appeared this week before Harare Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda, who granted Z$40,000 bail.

According to the allegations, in May 2022, Juleka lied to the complainant telling her that she was an Australian Embassy travel agent and could help her process her passport visas.

The court heard that the plaintiff gave the Juleka US$1,000 to process his and his wife’s visa to Australia.

It is alleged that at the end of June 2022, Juleka sent the Complainant fake VISA confirmation cards to his email account, confirming that he processed the VISAs.

The plaintiff then allegedly processed tickets, accommodation, biotics, Covid-19 testing, among other expenses, in preparation for the trip to Australia.

The complainant was shocked to learn from Emirates Airline staff that his visas were fake as he was about to board the plane.

The Australian Immigration Department also confirmed the visas were fake, costing the couple a total of US$10,188 while planning the aborted trip.

The couple then filed a police report, which led to Juleka’s arrest.

Anesu Chirenje represented the state.


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