Are you planning to travel to the United States? Waiting period for non-immigrant visas now extended beyond 2 years


US visa application: The queue for the US visa appointment seems to be getting longer and longer. Almost a month ago, the waiting window was around 2 years, but in a recent development, the waiting period for the non-immigrant visa has been extended by over two years now. the time also varies from city to city. Currently, for the National Capital, the waiting period is approximately 758 calendar days for visitor visas and 444 calendar days for student or exchange visitor visas and 354 calendar days for all others nonimmigrant visas.Also Read – Big update for many US visa applicants in India as in-person interview requirements have been removed. Details here

In the financial capital, Mumbai, the waiting period is 752 calendar days for visitor visas, 444 calendar days for student/exchange visitor visas and 312 calendar days for all other visas. -immigrant.

It just means that the first candidate will get their appointment date around October 2024 in Delhi and Mumbai. Almost less than a month ago, the waiting time was 581 and 517 days for the two metropolitan cities. This also points to the fact that lines are getting longer due to pent up demand from COVID.


According to reports, most of the delay can be attributed to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The situation is only expected to improve once the US Embassy in India recovers 100% of the staff, as before COVID. According to a Times of India report, a US Embassy spokesperson said that as part of the resumption, the US mission in India is prioritizing national interest and repeat travel. This year, the US Mission in India issued a record visa for approximately 82,000 students.

While travel has mostly resumed, at pre-pandemic levels, many countries are still struggling to return to pre-COVID level personnel, resulting in delays in visa processing for several countries like the United States. States, Canada and Schengen States around the world.


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