At least 1,300 Indian students have received Chinese visas, according to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

China said on Monday that at least 1,300 Indian students had received Chinese visas despite COVID-19 restrictions.

In a regular press briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said, “As far as I know, despite COVID-19, progress has been made in the cross-border flow of personnel between China and India. At least 1,300 Indian students have received Chinese Visas,” in response to a media question about Chinese universities delaying “No Objection Certificates (NOCs) to Indian students.”

He further advised Indian students to stay in close contact with their universities and plan their return to campus.

“Communication channels between Indian students and Chinese universities remain open. We suggest that Indian students keep in close contact with their universities and plan their return to campus according to the arrangement of their universities,” said Lijian.

According to reports, 40 Chinese universities have still not issued Indian students with NOCs required to apply for Chinese visas. This affects thousands of Indian students. Although many of these universities do not respond to their requests, a few universities have reported that their provincial government is preventing them from issuing NOCs.

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Responding to questions about whether there is a deadline for issuing the same documents to students from other countries, Lijian said, “I know that you have been following developments regarding the return of Indian students to China very closely. I refer you to the competent Chinese authorities. I can tell you that the Chinese government welcomes foreign students to resume or start their studies in China, and the government has provided possible assistance to students who need it. Foreign students who want to acquire a degree in China can apply for visas in China. Chinese embassies and consulates abroad. Since August 24, foreigners with a valid residence permit for study can enter China directly with this permit.

Notably, China has started issuing visas to students who obtain permits from their Chinese colleges and universities to resume their studies.

But they are struggling to travel to China as the two countries have yet to resume flights.

More than 23,000 Indian students, mostly studying medicine, are believed to be stranded at home due to COVID visa restrictions.

Earlier on Sunday, the Indian Embassy in Beijing issued a detailed notice to students planning to study medicine in China.

“The Embassy continues to receive inquiries from prospective Indian students as well as their parents regarding the eligibility of Indian students pursuing a clinical medicine program in China to sit for the qualifying examination conducted by the National Medical Commission of India,” the press release said.

He advised Indian medical students and their parents to consult the Gazette notification dated November 18, 2021 by the National Medical Commission (NMC).

“It stated unambiguously in clause 4(b) that overseas medical students must be ‘registered with the respective professional regulatory body or otherwise competent to grant the license to practice medicine in their respective jurisdiction. of the country in which the medical degree is awarded and at the same level as the license to practice medicine granted to a citizen of that country,” the statement added.

The Embassy has also informed relevant Chinese authorities and medical colleges of a request to ensure that all Indian students coming to China for clinical medicine programs are educated, trained and facilitated so that they can meet the above NMC requirements.

“Any student who joins a clinical medicine program in China after November 2021 and does not obtain a license to practice as a doctor in China, will be rendered ineligible to sit for the graduate medical school examination at the ‘stranger,’ the statement read.

The embassy also responded to a question on whether Indian students can work in Chinese hospitals as “assistant doctors” after completing their medical studies in China, but fail to obtain a medical license. doctor in China to enable them to earn a living. and repay student loans.

“The Embassy has officially contacted the relevant Chinese authorities to confirm the existence of such an option. The Embassy will share any information, when received from the Chinese side, in its social media handles,” the statement said. .

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