BAIRA threatens to stop submitting workers’ passports to Saudi Embassy


Last week, the Saudi Embassy announced that it would stop collecting passports directly from recruitment agents from October 15, handing over the task to the Shapla Center.

Bashar believes the emergence of the Shapla Center is part of a scheme to undermine BAIRA. “There is a motive behind this. The idea of ​​involving a third party in the process would not have come to the Saudi Embassy uninvited.”

“Saudi Arabia not only welcomes people from Bangladesh, but also from India and Indonesia. A similar rule was touted in India, but all the recruitment agencies got together and forced the mission to collect the passports directly from them. If India can do it, why not Bangladesh? »

BAIRA members have alleged that the introduction of the Shapla third-party center is an “attempt to create a union” in the labor markets of Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

Until now, all recruitment agents could present workers’ passports directly to the Saudi Embassy free of charge. But if there is an intermediary, a fee will likely be imposed, which will increase the cost of the process, they said.

BAIRA Vice President Noman Chowdhury has also come under fire for his alleged ties to the Shapla Center. But Noman denied any involvement in the organization.


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