Beware of networks selling fake Canada work visas


There is a network in El Salvador that sells fake work visa Between $400 and $2,000 for Canada, according to the attorney general’s office. If you are aggrieved, you can go to any entity or financial office to present your complaint.

The ace working license These are the official travel documents that allow you to legally enter a country. Remember that this is a document created and issued by the government of the country for travel. If you intend to process it through a travel agency or intermediaries when they deliver it to you, you can request verification directly from the country’s embassy or consulate.

Upon arrival in Canada, the immigration officer trace The ace fake work visa And arrest the people who took them. This can lead to legal and criminal consequences.

agent of fake visa They try to copy the designs of the originals to trick them. Pay attention to details such as the font, errors in the French language, watermarked surnames and the spelling position of “Canada”.

How does the network of fake work visas for Canada work?

the network is a criminal structure Who has the logistics of mobilizing people from the employer to the East Salvador Business Office for a series of tests. They then took them to Guatemala under the pretext of finding out if they were suitable for obtaining a visa.

Four people – Eric Ernesto Campos, Guillermo Adolfo Guillen Villeda, Ana María Ibarra Guzmán and Wendy Yamileth Francia – were duped fake work visa of Canada According to a statement from the Salvadoran National Civil Police in August 2019. Although they have destroyed this network, there are other groups that continue to defraud.

Pana For him Crime of Danger! Two to five years in prison. For its part, the Canadian Embassy explained that the Canadian visa office does not require applicants to deposit money into personal bank accounts in exchange for visa services.

In addition, in Canada, there are smuggling ring Those who exploit people at work, deceive them and treat them inhumanely. If you are trafficked into Canada, you can call the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline at 1 833 900 1010, regardless of your language.


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