BLS International will provide visa services for the Royal Thai Embassy in Kenya


BLS International said on Tuesday it had been authorized by the Royal Thai Embassy to provide visa services in Kenya from July 1. ”We are delighted to expand our ongoing relationship with the Royal Thai Embassy. In addition to our contract with them for processing visa applications in India, we are now proud to have been chosen for Kenya as well.

“…Our center in Kenya will be well-equipped with excellent visa processing facilities that are easy to access and able to provide an enjoyable customer experience,” said Shikhar Aggarwal, Co-Managing Director of BLS International. statement.

BLS International will provide form-filling assistance to applicants and several other optional value-added services such as form-filling assistance, printing and photocopying, SMS tracking, and courier services for the convenience of the candidate.

The company works with over 46 client governments including embassies, diplomatic missions and consulates with an extensive network of over 27,000 centers and a force of over 20,000 employees and associates who provide consular, biometric and citizens.

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