British Columbia municipality is digitizing its citizen services. LoginRadius brings identity to the table.


One of the leading municipalities known for biking and trekking in British Columbia is about to begin its journey to digitize its citizenship services.

The moment of truth came when the City decided to digitize its services to citizens; he could never have foreseen how valuable this modernization project would become. The City offers a wide range of services to its citizens, including recreational facilities, community buildings, etc. They come together to meet the needs of their residents to ensure a safe and livable community. Other services include taxes and utilities, garbage and waste diversion, and transportation.

The city’s IT team began looking for a CIAM solution to help secure identities and streamline authentication process for all their citizens through apps. After exploring several vendors, they decided to try LoginRadius to manage identities.

After a detailed discussion including platform demos and requirements gathering sessions, the client gained confidence and awarded the project to LoginRadius.

Being the preferred choice of many other municipalities and with the experience LoginRadius brings to the table in similar projects, the choice was relatively easy for the City’s management team.

This was a simple implementation for the city as there were no legacy applications to replace, which meant no data migration. It took the City’s IT team less than four weeks to implement the solution on their end. With all the resources and SDKs pre-built, the implementation was smooth for them.

The City then implemented the LoginRadius Identity Experience Framework (IDX) – an out-of-the-box solution with predefined user account flows. This solution included all major customer flows including registration, login, forgot password, account verification and profile management.

LoginRadius Identity Experience Framework pages are driven by JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, which means most of the logic is implemented using JavaScript. Therefore, the city developer had to modify the design and script to suit their UI/UX requirements.

Although hosted on LoginRadius, the solution is also fully white-labeled, which means the City could customize the URL of the portal as well as all the user interface elements of it.

One of the city’s key integrations is the PerfectMind app, a membership management software that uses cloud-based technology to help cities connect with their communities.

The LoginRadius PerfectMind SSO Connector is an out-of-the-box solution that provides a seamless single sign-on experience between LoginRadius and the PerfectMind platform by creating contacts on the fly during the SSO workflow.

Each time a citizen connects to the City’s website, they will automatically be connected to the PerfectMind site. The LoginRadius SSO connector will check whether a matching contact exists on the PerfectMind site or not. If there is no contact in the PerfectMind app, LoginRadius will create the corresponding contact in the Perfectmind app and let the customer log in to the PerfectMind app.

With this integration, citizens can access Recreation Services to search and register for programs with a single account giving them the best experience while surfing the City’s website.

Since the customer onboarding, the City had access to a Customer Success Manager and multiple channels of support to ensure project success every step of the way. The LoginRadius team continues to work closely with the city to ensure the success of the project.


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