Cheap fares and easy visas: 10 Asian countries to fly to for Diwali 2022


With the latest monsoon rains, the weather in most parts of Vietnam is likely to be cool and sunny with occasional drizzles. And if you don’t like crowds, islands such as Phú Quốc and Cát Bà Island are great options for your Diwali break.

Visa requirement: To obtain a visa on arrival, complete a quick application form and pay the visa fee of Rs1,200. Within two business days, you will receive an approval letter from Vietnam Immigration Department. Present the letter, two photographs and the government stamping fee (Rs1,800) upon arrival in the country to receive your visa on arrival. Travelers can also choose to follow the standard visa procedure through the embassy for a single entry (Rs 4,400) or multiple entry (Rs 7,500) visa. Required documents include a valid passport, application form, photograph, proof of accommodation in Vietnam, flight tickets and bank statement. Details

Plane ticket
Mumbai ⇄ Hanoi from Rs32,071 (22-26 October; Vistara and VietJet Air)
Delhi ⇄ Hanoi from Rs24,640 (22-26 October; VietJet Air)
Chennai ⇄ Hanoi from Rs36,968 (22-26 October; AirAsia and Thai AirAsia)
Bangalore ⇄ Hanoi from Rs45,681 (22-26 October; Air India and VietJet Air)


For this Diwali getaway by the beach, pack light, airy clothes and be prepared to dive deep into the sea as the days will be warm and balmy.

Visa requirement: Indian travelers will be granted a visa on arrival for 30 days and will be exempt from all fees. The stay can be extended by 60 days for an amount of Rs3,350. More details on the required documents here.

Plane ticket
Mumbai ⇄ Male from Rs28,271 (22-26 October; Sri Lanka and IndiGo)
Delhi ⇄ Male from Rs44,795 (22-26 October; IndiGo)
Chennai ⇄ Male from Rs30,396 (22-26 October; Sri Lankan)
Bangalore ⇄ Male from Rs26,595 (Akasa, Air India and IndiGo)


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