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British expat Thomas Jones has slammed efforts to allow British nationals and their families to leave Ukraine because his own Ukrainian wife cannot safely leave the conflict-threatened country. Mr Jones explained how the closure of embassies in Kyiv has forced Britons into potentially dangerous trips to the “hot zone” if a war between Russia and Ukraine breaks out.

Mr Jones told GB News: “It’s easy for me to go, I could leave within an hour.

“The process of getting her documentation and visa takes some time.

“It is not easy for it to get these documents. I think there will be an accelerated procedure, expenses were well suppressed by the Interior Minister.

“But from a logistical and bureaucratic point of view, it’s not that easy.”

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He added: “As you may know, most American, American and maybe other embassies have moved from Kyiv to Lviv.

“Now, in order for me to take my wife to present her documents to an agency which I assume is contracted by the Immigration Office, we have to go to Kyiv.

“Now Kiev will be a hot area if war breaks out.

“What I don’t understand is why we should put ourselves in danger or you know, cut ourselves short to go to Kyiv, when the embassy is in Lviv.”

The prime minister, told a security conference in Munich on Saturday, that it appeared the Kremlin’s offensive plan had ‘already begun in some respects’, pointing to escalating violence in separatist areas supported by Russia in eastern Ukraine.

Belarus and Russia have since announced that the two countries would extend joint military exercises, which were due to end on Sunday, in a move likely to create further unease.

Western analysts fear the demonstrations are yet another indication that Russia, which is also conducting naval exercises off the Black Sea coast, is preparing for an offensive.

But a Russian diplomat said “our drills on our territory shouldn’t worry anyone”, and accused the West of creating an “artificial crisis” in Ukraine.


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