CSOs alarmed at mistreatment of Nigerians at Greek Embassy | The Guardian Nigeria News


*Calls on lawmakers to investigate allegations

A coalition of civil society organizations under the auspices of Citizens Rights Advocate (CRA) tasked the House of Representatives Committees on Diaspora, Foreign Affairs and other relevant committees to investigate allegations of mistreatment against Nigerians at the Greek Embassy in Abuja.

The group has also called on the Greek Ambassador to Nigeria, Ioannis Plotas, to investigate the alleged nefarious activities taking place in the consular section of the embassy.

The group alleged that Nigerians with genuine visa applications are being blindly denied visas by the consulate, some of which include political office holders.

The executive director of the coalition, Hammed Saheed, who made the allegations yesterday in Abuja, has called for the immediate redeployment of the senior consular at the Greek Embassy in Nigeria, Loannis Nikolaidis.

He said: “Nigerians who visit the Greek Embassy on genuine business or to process their visa are treated like criminals under the direction of Mr. Nikolaidis as Head of the Consular Section of the Embassy.

“It’s pathetic and sad. The 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights advocates the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of every human being, and the embassy is currently violating those rights.

The coalition denounced the violation of fundamental rights and the fact that nothing was done to reverse the unsavory trend. He added that while some Nigerians are labeled as criminals at the embassy, ​​others are accused of possessing false documents.

“It is so sad that Nigerians are not treated with dignity in their own country. They chase many Nigerians out of the embassy like criminals and touts,” Saheed said.

While calling on the Greek Ambassador to quickly remedy the situation, the group fears that if not immediately curbed, such a negative trend could jeopardize Nigeria’s bilateral relations with Greece.


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