Danish Embassy Bangkok: Working hard to increase visa processing capacity


“The Danish Foreign Ministry, including the Danish Embassy in Bangkok, is working hard to increase our capacity, as well as that of VFS Global, to reduce overall waiting times,” the Danish Embassy told Bangkok in a written response to issues raised by ScandAsia yesterday.

The Embassy explains why it is suddenly so difficult to get an appointment at VFS Global with the unusually high number of applications.

“This has resulted in longer processing times and fewer available appointment slots at VFS Global,” the embassy writes.

The embassy adds that the growing demand for visas for Denmark/Iceland is also noticeable globally.

“After several years with the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, more and more countries are reopening and as a result, an increase in travel activity is being seen around the world.”

“It’s not just Danish embassies that are affected by the increase in global tourism activity. Several Schengen cooperation countries are experiencing an unusually high demand for Schengen visas. As a result, visa processing times and VFS appointment slots are also affected.

What is good advice for applicants?

“The best advice for applicants is to plan ahead and apply as early as possible. It is possible to apply up to 6 months before the desired entry into Schengen. Additionally, we have seen some applicants acquire with successfully a time slot early by contacting VFS directly to check for potential appointment cancellations from other applicants.

What the Embassy is referring to in the last remark is the option for an applicant to drop in to the VFS Global office unannounced and pay an additional fee to be able to submit their application immediately without having to make an appointment. through the system. The time available for these additional slots at the VFS Global office can be found in case another candidate does not show up or the office has finished processing previous candidates with a time reservation earlier than scheduled that day. Thai candidates call this option “Prime Time”.


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