Danish embassy in Bangkok hopes visa rush will be over by September


The landslide of Thais applying for visas for Denmark and Iceland is causing serious distress among applicants. Most complaints are about being left in the dark with no way of knowing whether their application will be approved – or rejected – before their scheduled departure date.

According to the Danish embassy in Bangkok, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

“The Danish Embassy hopes to have increased capacity by the end of the third quarter of 2022, and thus reduce general waiting times,” explains the embassy.

This is three months in the future, but the increase in capacity takes all this time because – although the new personnel have been selected – they still have to go through a lengthy security clearance process and – if they are is successful – be trained to do the job.

Meanwhile, the number of nervous applicants continues to line up. The number of applications already exceeds those before Covid in 2019.

“The number of applications for June 2022 is already more than 50% higher than in June 2019 before Covid,” the embassy says.

The rush is unexpected as it breaks the trend of the past seven years, the embassy adds.

“Historically, based on data for the last 7 years, the number of visa applications decreases in the second quarter of the year compared to the previous quarter. However, 2022 did not follow historical trends, as the number of visa applications continued to increase during the second quarter of 2022,” explains the embassy.

The Danish Embassy in Bangkok is not alone in battling the travel rush, the Danish Foreign Ministry says.

“The increase in visa applications is seen in many parts of the world, where Danish missions and other Schengen missions are experiencing higher volumes. Airlines and airports have also been surprised by the sudden and extraordinary rebound in international travel “says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thais who have applied or are about to apply can find support in their distress on the following Facebook group.

The group is for candidates who share what little they know and their own stories. Often, the delay caused them to miss the scheduled flight.

If people want to visit Denmark for Christmas, it’s not too early to apply now!

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