Denmark urges Thai citizens to apply now for Schengen visas for Christmas travel due to major delays


Thai citizens will need to apply for a visa now if they plan to spend their Christmas holidays in Denmark, as the embassy is processing an unusually high number of visa applications.

According to a press release issued by the Danish Embassy in Thailand, authorities in Iceland are experiencing a similar situation, resulting in longer processing time for visa applications and fewer appointments available at VFS Global, reports SchengenVisaInfo. com.

“We strongly encourage candidates to apply as early as possible. It is possible to apply up to six months before the desired entry to Denmark. Applicants wishing to travel to Denmark or Iceland over Christmas should consider starting their application now,” says the Danish Embassy in Bangkok.

Thai citizens must first secure an available slot at the VFS office in Bangkok, while there are no appointments available until November.

This is not the first time the Embassy has issued such a warning as on May 18, the Danish Embassy disclosed that it was facing a high number of visa applications and similar delays would occur.

On the other hand, Thai nationals expressed their frustration over this on a social media group, pointing out how awkward the situation is as they have been planning their vacation months ahead.

This is particularly frustrating, as the Schengen visa application for Sweden, a neighboring country of Denmark, can be completed in nine days.

However, applicants who desperately try to apply for a Schengen visa do so at Swedish embassies, so they would fly from Stockholm to Copenhagen, but they are rejected as their final and main destination is Denmark.

The two Danish embassy posts are also filled with comments from Danes criticizing the authority as some of them were forced to buy new tickets and travel on different flights from the Thai applicant in Denmark in due to long processing times.

“The best advice for applicants is to plan ahead and apply as early as possible. It is possible to apply up to six months before the desired entry into Schengen. In addition, we have seen some applicants acquire with successfully a timeslot earlier by contacting VFS directly to check on potential appointment cancellations from other applicants,” the embassy wrote in an email exchange regarding visa application delays and processing time with Scandasia.

Data published by the European Commission shows that the consulates of Member States and Schengen Associated countries received around three million applications for short-stay visas in 2020, a number obviously lower than in 2019 when 17 million applications were received. recorded.


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