DVIDS – News – Relatives who obtain visas can now visit SOFA members in Japan


There are many steps involved in obtaining this visa, so it is recommended that SOFA members and their visitors begin the process well in advance of the intended trip.

The person(s) wishing to visit Japan should initiate the process by contacting the Japanese Consulate General in their current location. A list of embassies and consulates in the United States and around the world can be found on the United States Embassy in Japan website. https://www.us.emb-japan.go.jp/jicc/consulate-guide.html

Temporary visas are valid for 3 months and the consulate will not accept applications more than 3 months before the departure date. It is recommended that SOFA members and their visitors start their visa application at least 6 weeks before the departure date.

The requirements for obtaining the temporary visa may vary depending on the location of the consulate in which the application process is initiated. It is imperative that the person wishing to travel to Japan follow the advice provided by their consulate, as it may differ from the advice someone else receives from a consulate in another location.

SOFA members must be prepared to provide a letter of invitation, proof of relationship to the visitor, photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport, and military ID or orders PCS.

In addition, SOFA members must provide an invitation letter addressed to the Japanese Ambassador or Consul General. The letter should include the address where the visitor will be staying.
Sample invitation letter, application form, information for each Japanese embassy/consulate, and updates on the application process can be found on the following document on the US Embassy website. United in Japan: https://www.us.emb-japan. go.jp/j/download/SOFA.pdf

Once the invitation letter and supporting documents have been completed by the SOFA member, they must be forwarded to the person applying for a visa. The visitor should submit all required documents to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate for their respective location. When all documents are submitted, the government of Japan will decide whether the visa is approved or denied. The response usually takes about a week.

Although travel restrictions have become more lenient and entry into Japan is now possible, visitors to SOFA must take a COVID-19 PCR/molecular test and receive a negative result within 72 hours before starting their trip to Japan. Japan. Proof of the negative test result will be required to enter Japan. Information on COVID-19 mitigation requirements to enter Japan can be found at the following link: https://www.us.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_en/travel_and_visa.html

For any questions or concerns regarding the application process, visitors and SOFA members are encouraged to contact their consulate for further guidance.

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