French Embassy in Iran Rejects Reports on Suspension of Visa Applications


The French embassy in Tehran has rejected reports that it has suspended the processing of visa applications for Iranian citizens.

Through a statement posted by the embassy on Twitter, it was pointed out that “France still issues visas to Iran. However, government Internet filtering has significantly slowed our operations. Beware of rumours!”, reports.

The comments from the French Embassy in Iran follow the assertion by the head of the Association of Iranian Travel Agencies that some European embassies located in the Iranian capital do not issue visas to Iranian nationals.

According to a report provided by Iran Front Page, Hormatollah Rafiei told Entekhab News that the consular affairs of embassies, the majority of them in Europe’s 26 Schengen zone countries, have temporarily halted the visa application process without give no details in regards.

Speculation about the suspension of visa issuance by the consular services of the German Embassy was also dismissed by Iranian Foreign Minister Nasser Kanaani, while stressing that the European mission continues its normal activities, adding that it issues both national and Schengen visas, depending on the regulations.

The restrictions come following protests in Iran over the September 16 death of Kurdish Iranian Mahsa Amini. She lost her life after being detained for allegedly breaking rules that require women to wear hijab and modest clothing.

Due to Amini’s death, the European Union had previously said it would impose a ban on Iranian officials involved in the crackdown on protests, according to the announcement by French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna.

“France’s action at the heart of the EU… (is) to target those responsible for repression by holding them accountable for their actions”, underlined Minister Colonna in this regard.

Amini’s death has led to ongoing protests, which have been considered the largest held recently in this territory. During the protests, more than 1,000 people have been arrested so far.

The EU last agreed to human rights sanctions in Tehran last year. So far, no Iranian has been added to the list since 2013.

In this regard, the French Foreign Minister pointed out that new measures could also target repressive regime figures who send their children to Western countries to live there.

In addition to European countries, authorities in the United States and Canada have also imposed severe sanctions on Iranian authorities related to allegations of abuse of Iranian women.


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