Gang posing as US Embassy officials trick people out of Rs 15 Lakh


Several private call centers are sprouting up in various locations around the city. For a long time, a call center operated in the Ramol district of the city, deceiving citizens in the name of granting US visas. Ramol police raided him and nabbed five suspects. These gangs used to deceive ordinary people by posing as US embassy officers asking them to get visas. Ramol police registered a case of cheating of Rs 14.97 lakh.

A cheat center had been operating for some time in the Ramol region in the name of granting visas. The information was received by the police. Five suspects were arrested during the raid by police.

Ravindra Kumar Patel filed a complaint at the police station alleging that he was duped by the gang during the period of October 2020 to 2022. In which Sunil Macwan, Viral Natvar Dalwadi, Ashish Kishore Panchal, Bhavish Shah, Suresh Gadani gathered and have cheated. social media, WhatsApp. Ramol Police said the modus operandi of the defendants was such that they were officials of the United States Embassy in Mumbai and deceived interested persons into giving false identities and obtaining visas for those who wanted to go to the United States. The accused obtained 14.97 lakh angadia from Ravindra through an angadia company and did not grant visas. Ramol police have registered a case and are investigating the case.

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