Germany issued over 600 visas to Russia in the first 3 weeks of May alone


Hundreds of specialists, the majority of whom have been hired in specific fields at German companies with operations in Russia, would like to work in Germany, according to the recent ZDF report.

In this regard, the German government is trying to speed up the process, despite the fact that it has been warned that Russian citizens who work in Germany can be recruited for industrial espionage, reports

German leaders recently announced that since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 until early May, more than 600 Schengen visas have been issued to skilled workers from Russia.

Since February 24, hundreds of Russian professionals have chosen to settle in Germany. First, the employees of German companies facing an uncertain professional future due to the severe sanctions imposed on Russia decide to take such a step.

“In April, about 350 work visas were issued to Russian nationals in Moscow,” the Foreign Ministry report noted in this regard.

In addition, in St. Petersburg, the German Consulate General issued a total of 190 work visas during the same period.

Recently, the government of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz streamlined the visa application process by excluding Russian citizens with specialized backgrounds in specific areas such as IT and technology.

German authorities have stated that the “blanket approval for access to the labor market”, which is only effective for Russian citizens engaged in a specific field in German companies and earning more than €43,992 per year , will remain in effect until September 30. .

The German Federal Employment Agency has launched a general “pre-approval” for Russian employees of foreign companies in Russia who apply for a German work visa to work in the latter’s companies.

Earlier, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution warned that Russians planning to move to Germany and those working in the country risk being blackmailed or pressured into to collect useful information for a Russian economy cut off from knowledge networks. .

“Russia is increasingly isolated by the sanctions imposed in response to the war in Ukraine. As a result, its economy is cut off from the know-how and technologies of the West,” the report revealed, as reported by the Guardian.

The move by German authorities to further ease entry rules for Russian citizens came after the country’s human rights NGOs criticized the government for not doing enough on facilitation of the visa application process for Russian journalists facing repression in their country.


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