Greek Embassy in India hires additional staff to expedite visa processing


The Greek embassy in the Indian capital has hired additional staff in order to be able to handle the high number of visa applications.

The Greek authorities’ decision to hire additional staff follows multiple complaints about visa processing delays, reports

The embassy said the number of people applying for visas has increased significantly now that COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

“An exceptionally high volume of requests has been recorded over the past few months,” said the Greek embassy in Delhi.

As a result, due to high demand, visa processing centers faced a backlog, while applicants faced long waiting times, which impacted their visa processing plans. holidays.

After considering these issues, the Greek authorities advised that the consular office in Delhi should be immediately reinforced with additional staff.

“On the instruction of Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias and in consultation with Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias, the Greek Embassy in New Delhi, as well as the consular office, were immediately reinforced with additional staff in order to cope with the ‘influx of entries, visa applications’, the embassy added.

Apart from the decision to hire additional staff, the embassy stressed that it will provide special options for Indian citizens who were unable to travel to Greece in May due to visa delays. Further details regarding the case have yet to be revealed. Some media have previously reported that the Greek Embassy will offer a visa fee waiver for those who were unable to travel to Greece due to visa processing delays.

In addition to the above, a spokesperson for a visa application center in India previously disclosed that Greece has put in place an initiative to clear the backlog in India.

The spokesperson said embassy officials worked on weekends as well as after hours.

Now that Embassy officials are working with more staff and after hours, it was pointed out that processing time has been reduced. The spokesperson explained that before such changes were made, applicants had to wait more than 45 days for their passports to be ready. On the other hand, from now on, the processing time for a visa has been reduced to 20 working days.

All Indian citizens need a visa in order to travel to Greece or any other country in the Schengen area. Those wishing to visit Greece for travel purposes must apply for a tourist/visitor visa.

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