Greek Embassy in New Delhi resolves Schengen visa processing issues


The Greek Embassy in New Delhi has announced that it has fully resolved the Schengen visa processing issues at its consular office.

The embassy said in one of its most recent press releases that anyone wishing to visit Greece for travel or business purposes can now apply for a Schengen visa without having to worry about delays as problems the consular office was facing have come to an end, reports

“The Embassy of Greece in New Delhi would like to bring to the notice of all Indian friends wishing to visit Greece for vacation or business that a temporary problem has arisen regarding the processing of Schengen visa applications at its Consulate Office, has been fully resolved,” said the statement from the embassy.

The embassy stressed that now that the issues have been resolved, all applications are being processed and processed quickly. In addition, he invited anyone wishing to travel to Greece to apply for a Schengen visa.

According to the Embassy, ​​applications are currently processed and processed within 15 working days.

“Therefore, it should be known that all requests are processed and processed in a timely and rapid manner, that is to say within a period of less than 15 working days. Therefore, the Greek Embassy in New Delhi invites anyone wishing to visit Greece for vacation or business to apply for their Schengen visa. the embassy added.

Previously, reported that the Greek Embassy in New Delhi has hired additional staff to expedite visa processing. The decision to hire additional staff came as the embassy was processing an incredibly high number of visa applications. Moreover, such a decision followed multiple complaints about delays in visa processing.

The Greek Embassy in New Delhi said a few weeks ago that the number of people applying for Schengen visas had increased significantly as soon as COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Therefore, due to high demand, visa processing centers were experiencing a backlog. On the other hand, applicants faced long waiting times, which also impacted their vacation plans.

Now that the embassy has announced that all issues have been resolved, Indian nationals no longer need to worry about delays.

Greece removed all of its COVID-19 entry restrictions earlier in May. All travelers can now enter Greece without restrictions, which means they do not need to show COVID proof.

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