Hope Reborn for Indian Students Returning from China as Chinese Embassy Announces New Visa Procedure – Edexlive


In bringing relief to several Indian students returning to China who have been stranded here due to the COVID-19 induced visa ban, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Republic of India, via its website Web, updated the “Procedures and material requirements for visas of foreigners to go to China”.

“From August 24, 2022, the Chinese Embassy in India will optimize the visa application process and material requirements as follows…”, it continues.

Listed under embassy news, the website then states that an applicant can log on to the Chinese visa application service center website in New Delhi and complete the “People’s Republic of Visa Application Form”. China” and the “Confirmation of Completion of Chinese Visa Online Form”. Page’ online. Then come the other formalities such as collecting fingerprints, application documents, processing channels, etc.

Shah Nawaz, one of the students, said, “After a long period of 2.7 years, a step has been taken towards the return of Indian students to China.

“After 35 countries, the Chinese embassy today officially announced visa processing for Indian students,” said Rachita Kurmi, a student at Shandong University in China, who campaigned for the return of students like her to China to complete their studies. In fact, she adds, “The freshman application process is a breeze now, as it’s back to how it was before COVID.”

Now that the official announcement has come from the embassy, ​​the pressure is on the universities, she believes. Because if there are delays on the side of the university, the students can question them and the embassy too, she explains.

Rachita also highlights some concerns for students, as she says, “Getting NOC (No Objection Certificates) forms can be a hassle. Secondly, the days allocated by the embassy for visa appointments in different cities are few. “For example, in Delhi it’s only done on Tuesdays and Thursdays whereas in Mumbai it’s only done on Fridays. But working days can change depending on the number of requests,” she suggests.


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