How do I apply for a nonimmigrant visa to the United States?


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TO apply for a U.S. nonimmigrant visa, you must first complete the DS-160 nonimmigrant visa application form online.

Consular officers use the information entered on the DS-160 to process the visa application and, combined with a personal interview, determine the applicant’s eligibility for a nonimmigrant visa. You can complete this application online at

Once you have completed the DS-160, you must schedule your embassy interview and pay the Nonimmigrant Visa (MRV) application fee at /level Please print the confirmation page and bring it with you to your interview so we can collect your DS-160.

Waiting time

I heard that the wait times for non-immigrant visa appointments are currently quite long, is that correct?

Yes, due to the U.S. Embassy’s reduced capacity to grant visas during the novel coronavirus pandemic and the prioritization of other consular services, wait times for many nonimmigrant visa categories , including tourist visas, are currently longer than one year. Unfortunately, we expect to have extended wait times for the foreseeable future. Only the following conditions are currently considered for emergency expedited appointments:

* The documented death, critical/terminal illness, or life-threatening accident of an immediate relative (parent, direct sibling, spouse, or child) in the United States.

* An urgent and well-documented need for life-saving medical treatment by the claimant or their minor child.

* Any person wishing to travel but not covered by these two conditions for urgent consideration must wait for the resumption of routine treatments. Please continue to check our website and social media for updates on overall processing and appointment availability.

I need to renew my visa, do the extended waiting times also apply to me?

In many cases, applicants who need to renew a visa that has expired within the past 48 months can do so without waiting for an in-person visa appointment. Applicants eligible for visa renewal through the interview waiver process will need to complete a visa application, pay the required fees and work through our Appointment Service website to arrange to send their passport to the embassy through our courier service. The Consular Section of the Embassy will review and adjudicate on interview waiver cases using the same legal criteria as in-person interviews. This interview-free renewal process requires at least two weeks from the receipt of the application until the return of the passport, if the visa is issued. If it is determined that your case requires an interview, your passport will be returned to you and must await the resumption of routine visa interviews and schedule an in-person visa interview.

How do I apply for a visa through the interview waiver process?

If you believe you qualify for visa processing through the interview waiver process, please follow the instructions below:

Check your previous visa and confirm that it expired within the last 48 months. Determine if the same type of visa is correct for your planned trip to the United States. Information on visa types is available at

Complete the online visa application form, DS-160. The DS-160 is an online US government form and can only be completed at Each applicant must complete this form. 3. Visit our appointment service website at and complete the following application steps to schedule an appointment with the section consular:

* Create a user account.

* Add applicant information to complete registration.

* Enter the DS-160 confirmation number for each applicant applying for a visa.

* Enter an address or select a location where you would like to receive your documents from the consular section.

* Pay the Nonimmigrant Visa (MRV) application fee using one of the payment methods available in the country where you reside. See visit for available payment options.

Eligibility for an interview waiver will be determined as the candidate goes through the appointment booking process via the appointment service website. The determination will be made based on the answers provided to the qualification criteria and the assessment of a consular officer.

The website will provide specific instructions on sending your passport to the embassy for visa processing.

For more visa information, please visit our website and our Authorized Service Provider’s website at Stay up to date with Embassy news on our Facebook page, and by following @USEmbassyJA on Twitter. We also answer general visa questions on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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