Improving citizen services through digital transformation


The Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) works regularly to increase the use of digital technology for better services to citizens. Through its portal, LDA strives to ensure that consumers and citizens find it easy not only to purchase property, but also to maintain their own records and payment details in a timely manner. Dr Indramani TripathiIAS, vice-president, Lucknow Development Authorityinteracts with Tarannum Manjul of Elets News Network (ENN).

Q. How has the Lucknow Development Authority embraced digital technology for better service management?

Answer : We have embraced digital technology not only for better operation, but also for better citizen-related services. Some areas where we use digital technology and have our IT initiatives include finance and budget, engineering payments (EMB and e-bill), facility, payroll, property (PMS), including cost calculations, electronic auctions of commercial properties, e-Challan, and legal.

Q. What are the main features of the current Lucknow Development Authority portal?

Answer : We have a very descriptive but easy to understand portal. This is a completely secure website (thanks to SSL certification). Our portal is a web application accessible on the Internet and Intranet (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) with the TCP/IP protocol. It has facilities such as online registration and e-Challan to facilitate payment of installments by consumers. The portal also has facilities for live lottery transmission, which can be viewed on YouTube. OTP and captcha verification feature is also there for employee login. For added security, we have OTP double verification for the property module. We also have the possibility of automated SMS to the public for the reminder of the contributions and the confirmation of the deposit. We have enabled tracking of the user’s IP and MAC address. The portal security audit was also performed.

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Q. What projects are currently being implemented?

Answer : Currently, projects being implemented include e-Office, implementation with NIC, UPLC, PGCIL, ERP upgrade to new technologies and latest security features, induction of the concept of maker/verifier and verifier by IIT Kanpur and also the Drishti application, for the monitoring of tight buildings by the UPLC.

Q. What major projects are underway?

Answer : We have a lot to look forward to as we do our best to make every process smooth, error-free and without too much human intervention. In an effort to obtain the progress of engineering work and projects in general, we are designing software with UPLC (UP Electronics Corporation) to monitor the physical progress of the published project as well as the financial progress with a pre-allocated calendar.

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Another major project underway is first-come, first-served online allocation. In an effort to make the allocation of unsold LDA residential properties online as well as keep this process transparent, we are offering a new module in our portal which will block the property of the public person’s choice and he/she will be able to choose the unsold property of LDA according to his taste.


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