Increase in number of Indians opting for Spain Schengen Visas


Since the majority of embassies in Schengen countries currently have long waiting and processing times as well as due to the limited number of appointment slots, the Indians took the Spanish route.

Indian travel agents have revealed that the number of Indian citizens applying for Schengen visas via Spain has increased significantly in recent months, reports

According to The Times of India, the number of Indians applying for Schengen visa to Spain has increased as Spain processes applications faster than other countries. Currently, applicants receive their visa for Spain in approximately five days.

Commenting on the matter, a tour operator said that the Spanish route for a Schengen visa is currently the fastest option available to Indian tourists planning to travel to Europe.

The operator suggested that Indian tourists apply for a Schengen visa for Spain even if they do not intend to visit Spain simply because it issues visas faster than other countries.

This phenomenon is known as ‘purchase of visas’ and is widespread. However, travelers should remember that visa shopping is considered illegal by Schengen countries. Therefore, travelers are advised not to practice visa shopping.

Additionally, travelers who hold an unused visa and wish to use it to enter another country may do so, but should be aware that there is always a possibility of being denied entry into space. Schengen.

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Indians who wish to apply for a Schengen Visa for Spain can do so by completing the Spanish Visa Application Form and providing all necessary documents to the Spanish Embassy or Consulate. All applicants must provide two passport photos and a valid passport, which must have two blank pages, validity for at least three additional months beyond the date the applicant plans to leave Spain, and not must not be more than ten years old.

Additionally, applicants must submit copies of all pages of their passports, previous visas, and copies of other valid or expired passports.

Persons applying for a Schengen visa for Spain must also obtain travel health insurance, a return flight itinerary, proof of accommodation, proof of sufficient financial means and a cover letter.

Depending on the employment status of applicants, additional documents must also be submitted.

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