India refuses electronic visas for hundreds of Afghan students. Here’s why – Edexlive


Afghan students enrolled in Indian universities woke up to a brutal shock yesterday, November 20, when they found that their application for an e-Emergency X-Misc visa had been rejected by the Indian government. This special electronic visa has only been made available to Afghan citizens, given the takeover of the country by the Taliban terrorist group. It was only to be valid for six months. However, for Afghan students stranded in their country since the outbreak of the pandemic, with their studies here in India suspended, the situation is dire as they seek ways to return to India to complete their studies.

“We have been waiting for more than 15 months for the Indian government to allow us to return to India. Our careers have already been affected. The Indian Embassy in Afghanistan does not give us any date or direction. Everything is unknown and we are quickly losing hope,” Ahmedzai Salim, a civil engineering student at Delhi Technological University, whose e-visa was rejected, told EdexLive. Physics classes started at Indian universities in February this year and in Due to the lack of visas from the Indian government, more than 2,000 Afghan students were forced to fail their exams and drop out of a semester.

Some students are still waiting for their final exams to take place, otherwise they have not yet obtained their diploma. “Since August, final year students stranded in Afghanistan have been waiting for their exams to be taken so that they can enroll in higher education courses in other countries. However, the Indian government is only making us wasting our precious time,” argues Sameer. Sultani, a final year student at the University of Pune. This is another student whose e-visa was rejected. “We don’t know why our visas were rejected,” says Isaaq Safi, a final year BBA student at Goa University. “The Indian government has not listened to our concerns for a year since it canceled our visas after the Taliban took power in August 2021,” he adds.

These students, who have also campaigned on social media sites such as Twitter for a solution from the Indian government, are now hinting that they may gather near the Indian embassy in Kabul to demand action from the Indian authorities and Afghans. One of the students tells EdexLive that even though they are not allowed to stand in front of the Indian embassy by the Afghan government, they will try to protest in its surroundings.

Students come up with two possible solutions to their puzzle. They urge the Indian government to follow the path chosen by countries like Turkey, which does not have an embassy in Afghanistan but provides visas to Afghan students through Iran. Other countries like Russia are also doing the same and providing visas through Iran or Pakistan, the students say. “We want India to consider this option as well, otherwise it will destroy our future. We have studied and worked hard and now our future is in jeopardy,” says Salim.

Another option offered by students is for Indian universities to hold their final semester exams online. “Students who are now stuck in Afghanistan got scholarships to study in India which is not easy. They are all smart students. I joined one of the best universities in Afghanistan after I passed the entrance exam here but I chose India to complete my BBA because of the high quality education here.However now all my classmates both in Afghanistan and India have gotten their diploma, and I’m still waiting for my diploma,” laments Safi.


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