Indian Embassy in Kuwait to Return Over 100 Women Duped by Traffickers | Kerala News


Kochi/Kuwait City: More than 100 women, including a large number of Keralites, who were brought to Kuwait illegally by various recruitment agencies offering them domestic help jobs, eventually found refuge at the Embassy of India.

They are currently housed in the Embassy’s emergency house. Most of them came via Kochi to Kerala. It will take at least a month for the authorities to send them back to Kerala after completing all the paperwork.

Among those stranded are three women sent by Majeed, alias MK Gaasali, from Taliparamba in Kannur district, who is accused in the human trafficking case which is currently being investigated by the police of the Kochi city.

Even those who worked as teachers in Kerala came to Kuwait through this illegal route. Those who escaped the clutches of the gang managed to approach the Indian Embassy. All these unfortunates came to earn their living by believing the words of the recruitment agencies.

Meanwhile, the Kerala Police investigation team has received information that three women sent by Majeed to the foreign country are missing.

Women from Mangalore, Mumbai and Coimbatore are missing. Among these, the Mumbai native was staying with the Fort Kochi woman who managed to escape from her bonded labor in Kuwait.

Majeed can surrender

Kochi City Police sources said Majeed may surrender to the Kuwaiti authorities. Police were also told he was seeking early bail.

Earlier, his assistant Ajumon (35) went to the police after being charged in the case.

Ajumon, from Pathanamthitta, claimed to have placed advertisements in Kerala to recruit people willing to work abroad.

“I was only acting on Majeed’s instructions,” Ajumon said.

Ajumon used to bring women to Sharjah on Kerala visit visas after promising them jobs in day care centres. He received a commission in return.

Ajumon also claimed that Majeed lured the women by promising them a salary of up to 60,000 rupees. He added that he never knew that these women were used as slaves.


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