Indian Embassy warns students wishing to study medicine in China


As thousands of students enrolled in Chinese medical universities are stranded in India due to COVID-19 protocols, the Indian government has issued a notice to prospective students, outlining the risks of pursuing higher education in China.

The government has highlighted various risks, including a low pass rate, compulsory learning of the official Putonghua spoken language and strict standards to qualify to practice in India.

The latest directive comes as most of them have struggled to return to China as direct flight between the countries has remained inoperable since November 2020 due to Covid restrictions.

Even though Beijing has lifted the visa ban on Indian students, there has been no word from either government on resuming flight services.

“The Indian Embassy in Beijing has received several inquiries from prospective Indian students and their parents regarding applying for admission for an undergraduate clinical medicine program in China,” the embassy said in a statement. September 8.

The Embassy cited a study conducted by the National Board of Examination of India to point out that only 16% of the 40,417 students who sat the FMG exam – a licensing exam for Indian students studying medicine in foreign universities – from 2015 to 2021 allowed it.

“The study shows that only 6387 students out of 40,417, who took the FMG exam from 2015 to 2021, passed it. Here the pass percentage of Indian students who studied clinical medicine program in China during this period at these 45 universities was only 16%,” the statement added.

It is estimated that 23,000 Indian students are currently enrolled in various Chinese universities. A large majority of them are medical students.

In recent weeks, students from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Russia and other countries have started returning to China on charter flights. Beijing is said to be reviewing the lists of Indian students.

The notice listed 45 medical colleges designated by the Chinese government to award five-year medical degrees plus a one-year internship. Indian students are advised not to apply for admission other than these 45 colleges.

The statement said the Chinese government has “clearly mentioned in its official communication that foreign students can only join medical programs at 45 English-language universities.”

In addition, Indian students interested in obtaining a medical qualification in China must take the National Undergraduate Entrance Eligibility and Entrance Examination (NEET-UG) of India, which is the entrance examination for the undergraduate medical education in India, as a prerequisite for pursuing medical studies. overseas education, the adviser said.

“Only students who obtain the NEET-UG for admission to undergraduate medical education in India will be eligible to sit for the screening test, namely the Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE),” a he declared.



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