Indian students in UK start getting priority and super priority visas


British Ambassador to India Alex Ellis took to Twitter to announce that the United Kingdom (UK) has started issuing priority and super priority visas to Indian students.

“Update for Indian students traveling to the UK – Britain has now made available priority and super priority visas for students. Demand is high and we recommend you apply for your visa as soon as possible possible with required documentation,” the tweet read.

Under the Priority Visa service, the UK government decides on the student’s visa application within five days. This has been made available to Indian students. However, as reported mintsome additional fees are applicable for this.

“If you are verifying your identity at a Visa Application Center and the service is available in the country you are applying from, you can choose ‘priority service’ when applying. There will be an additional cost for this service” , said the United Kingdom. says the government.

As part of the Super Priority service, the passport can be collected before the end of the working day following the submission of the biometric data.

In addition to the normal fee of £363 for a student visa, applicants will need to pay an additional £500 for a priority visa. For a super priority visa, an additional £800 will have to be paid, according to official data.

Usually, it takes 15-21 days for a student visa from India to UK to be approved.

Through June 2022, the UK government has approved 1,18,000 UK visa applications from India, almost 89% more than last year, as reported Money control. Ellis said this year the country aims to break the record in 2022.

Once the visa has been approved, the applicant can collect it from the UK Embassy. However, if the stay is longer than six months, they need a biometric residence permit (PRB). It can be collected from UK immigration within ten days of arrival in the country.


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