Iran suspends double-entry visas for Pakistani pilgrims to Iraq


ISLAMABAD: The Iranian government has decided to suspend double-entry visas for Pakistani pilgrims traveling to Iraq to observe Arbaeen to avoid inconvenience due to the lack of entry clearance from land routes to Iraq .

The decision was taken in order to avoid the inconvenience of pilgrims due to the lack of access or entry to Iraq by land, which was the host country for the management of Arbaeen, the religious observance which has place forty days after the day of Ashura, a press release issued by the Iranian Embassy announced on Thursday.

The embassy said: “As the neighboring country of Iraq hosts the Arbaeen ceremony, continuous efforts have been made to issue visas from the Islamic Republic of Iran in coordination with the host country so that that the pilgrims do not get stuck on the way and at the borders.

Recently, the Iraqi government announced that Pakistani pilgrims could only enter Iraq by air and through Baghdad and Najaf airports. “As you know, in line with previous years, the diplomatic missions of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan, holding in high esteem the pilgrims of Arbaeen-e-Hussaini from the neighboring country of Pakistan, were fully prepared long before time to provide all facilities and cooperation including issuance of single and double entry visas for Iran without delay,” he said.

He said the Iranian government has equipped all its land and air borders and provided necessary facilities for the regular movement of respected pilgrims.

However, in order to avoid any inconvenience and trouble, Iranian diplomatic missions in Pakistan have postponed the issuance of double-entry visas for Pakistani pilgrims until the issuance of a land travel permit by the Iraqi authorities, the statement added. Press. The embassy said that as soon as it receives permission to accept respected Pakistani pilgrims across Iraq’s land borders, it will issue the desired visas to the pilgrims as soon as possible.


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