Ireland to reopen embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine


The Irish Foreign Office has announced that the Irish Embassy in Ukraine has resumed operations in Kyiv since operating remotely due to the war in that country.

“As the Embassy resumes field operations in Kyiv, the team’s main priority will be to renew and strengthen its network of contacts with Ukrainian government officials to better inform Irish support and assistance to the government and people of Ukraine,” Foreign Minister of Ireland Simon Coveney emphasized in this regard, reports

According to the ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is closely following the situation in Ukraine together with the EU and other international partners.

Additionally, the Department continues to strongly advise against travel to Ukraine for any purpose. The ministry also explains that, like other embassies operating in Ukraine, the Irish Embassy will have a limited ability to provide in-person consular assistance.

On May 23, the Swiss Federal Council also announced its decision to reopen its embassy in Ukraine, which was temporarily closed due to the situation in Ukraine.

In a statement, the Federal Council stressed that five employees of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) will return to Kyiv.

Like Italy, Hungary has also decided to reopen its embassy in Ukraine after the improvement of the security situation in Kyiv.

In this regard, the country’s authorities have announced that they have taken appropriate security measures, and now the embassy can maintain close contact with Ukrainian government bodies and offer assistance to Hungarian citizens or other citizens of the country. EU in need from Kyiv.

At the same time, after temporarily moving the Italian embassy to Lviv in western Ukraine, Italy decided to move it back to Kyiv.

Commenting on the reopening of the Embassy, ​​Ambassador Pier Francesco Zazo said Italy supports Ukraine’s institutions. According to him, Italy is committed to helping Italian citizens in Ukraine, promoting dialogue and supporting solutions towards peace and an end to hostilities.

Spain is also the country that has supported and helped Ukraine by providing military equipment, humanitarian aid and hosting Ukrainian refugees. The country has also decided to return the Spanish embassy to Kyiv.

Denmark was the first Nordic country to reopen its embassy in Ukraine in early May. The Danish Foreign Ministry pointed out at the time that from staff in Kyiv, embassy staff would take care of political tasks related to the close relations between Denmark and Ukraine, including money and the assistance that the Danish government would provide to Ukrainians.


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