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Korean Embassy Prohibits Cancellation of Visa Appointments

Cancellation of appointments for Korean visa applicants is not permitted, the South Korean Embassy in Manila said on Friday.

The cancel button was removed by the Korean government from its website on Nov. 18 to prevent “dating scams.”

This came as the Embassy discovered that some brokers were canceling their own appointments to be sold to those who actually apply for the visa.

“This action was taken because the Embassy has detected numerous cases where brokers were booking appointments fraudulently and selling their appointment slots to someone in need by canceling their appointments on dates and times pre-coordinates,” the embassy said Friday.

“Therefore, you are advised to exercise extra caution when making a visa appointment through the online platform,” he added.

For those who need to cancel their appointments for unforeseen reasons, the Embassy advised those who will “use the Review Notes feature in the Check Booking tab.”

“You are asked to put ‘Reservation Cancellation’ in the Notes field of the Check Reservation tab,” he said.

He also warned that candidates who miss their appointments without requesting the cancellation of their appointments “will be blacklisted” and “their access to the online platform will be denied”.

“Please note that due to the high volume of applications and the shortage of consular staff, the waiting period for visa appointments is much longer than the pre-pandemic period. Therefore, remember that you have to book your flights after getting a visa,” he said.




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