Korean mission resumes tourist visas


Taiwanese planning to visit South Korea can apply for a tourist visa at the Korean Mission in Taipei starting today.

The new tourist visa rule also applies to holders of other passports planning to leave Taiwan, the mission said yesterday.

Taiwanese applying for a C-3-9 tourist visa would no longer need to present a certificate from their bank showing that they have sufficient means to travel to South Korea, it said in a press release. .

However, applicants are required to present a return ticket to the country, the mission said, adding that processing applications would take about 10 days.

Applications must be made in person by the potential traveler, he said, adding that travelers would not need an appointment.

Tourist visas would be good for several trips to South Korea in a year, the mission said.

Each stay would be limited to 90 days, said the mission, which serves as the de facto South Korean embassy in Taiwan in the absence of diplomatic relations.

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