Limited quotas for visas without isolation for South Korea



The South Korean consulate will process 50 visa applications a day for Hong Kongers – who can now travel to the country without quarantine – but applicants must register online in advance.

It comes as South Korean Prime Minister Han Duck Soo announced that the country will lift its quarantine requirement for foreign arrivals from today, regardless of their vaccination status.

Visitors will still be required to provide a negative PCR test result within 72 hours of arrival.

Unlike in the pre-pandemic era, Hong Kongers must now obtain a general C-3 short-term visa to enter Seoul for tourism, transit, visiting relatives or similar reasons and can stay for up to 90 days. Applicants must currently wait at least seven working days to obtain their visa.

The issuance of short-term visas resumed on June 1, with the consulate offering a quota of up to 30 people per day.

About 100 people lined up outside the Admiralty Consulate overnight that day, but many were turned away because they had not made advance reservations.

A consulate spokesperson said it had received more than 650 applications since last Wednesday and that number is expected to increase, which is why the consulate has increased the quota to 50 per day.

The consulate posted a notice on its website and Facebook page reminding people to make a reservation online before queuing at the consulate.

“From June 6, for the convenience of visa applicants, the online reservation system ( for visa applications will be opened and quotas increased,” the notice reads.

He also reminded applicants to print their booking confirmation and bring it with them.

“Reservation requests by email or telephone will not be accepted and walk-in requests will not be accepted.”

Reservations for July open June 24.

Meanwhile, all tourists visiting Japan from Friday are required to wear masks, take out private medical insurance and be accompanied throughout their trip, the Japanese government said yesterday, as it was preparing to accommodate package tour groups.

They will be able to travel to the country without quarantine and will also not need to take a Covid test upon arrival.

According to tourism guidelines issued by the Japan Tourism Agency, tour guides should frequently remind guests to follow anti-epidemic measures, including the requirement to wear a mask.

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