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Lines at the Polish Embassy

Polish Seimas Deputy Speaker Malgorzata Goszewska, who visited Tbilisi last week, drew attention to the endless queues at the Polish Embassy in Tbilisi. She believes this is an indicator that the Georgian government is not engaged in addressing social issues and that Georgian citizens are leaving the country in droves.

“In general, I pay a lot of attention to the life and position of an ordinary person with an average income in Georgia. I must say that this is not the best situation. In Poland, the party I represent initially focused on solving social problems, implementing specific social programs. Unfortunately, I do not see the Georgian government doing this. This is evidenced by the endless queues at the Polish Embassy and Consulate People tend to go to Poland, and they don’t do it because they like Poland very much and want to be there, but because of social difficulties,” Goszewska said.

After the European Union introduced a visa-free regime for Georgian citizens, Poland became one of the main directions of labor migration from Georgia.

Unlike many other countries, Poland offers Georgian citizens legal work. You can read exactly how Georgians travel and do business in Poland in a report prepared by JAMnews two years ago from Warsaw and Wroclaw.

In addition, Poland is now the main destination for those trying to travel to the United States via Mexico, as Poland remains the most popular country among countries issuing category D work visas.

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