Man apprehended in Delhi over fake Portuguese visas given in exchange for Rs 12 lakh


A 36-year-old man was apprehended in South West Delhi by Criminal Branch Police on Saturday and two of his associates were arrested for their alleged involvement in a scam in which people were told they would receive Portuguese visas, only to receive counterfeits, officers said.

Police identified the apprehended individual as Manjit Singh and his associates as Balwinder Singh and Mahinder Gandhi.

Officers said they received reports that Balwinder and Manjit took Rs 12 lakh from four Punjab men after promising to send them to Portugal but provided them with fake visas. They were found in a hotel in Mahipalpur. Copies of the visas were seized and sent to the Portuguese embassy for verification and found to be fake, officers said. Soon a raid was carried out at the hotel and Manjit Singh was found with the four men Gurpreet Singh, Ravinder Singh, Satender Singh and Sukhdev Singh. Police said the men’s passports were examined and the visas were found to be forged.

Sukhdev Singh then filed a complaint alleging that after contacting Manjit, the latter claimed he could get a Portuguese visa for him and demanded Rs 12 lakh. Sukhdev then reportedly paid him an advance of Rs 55,000. He was then told to travel to Delhi on January 24, where he met with Manjit’s associates, Balwinder and Mahinder. They took his passport and assured him that he would receive a Portuguese visa in one to two months.

The Complainant said he then returned to Punjab and transferred more money to them. He said he transferred Rs 8 lakh to an account in total and Rs 4 lakh in cash, but the matter was delayed until August, according to police. Later, Sukhdev was informed that the flight would be arranged for August 25 and was asked to go to the hotel to meet Manjit for instructions on how to proceed. That’s when police raided them, officers said.

An FIR was filed against the accused under ICC Articles 420 (deception/dishonest inducement to deliver goods), 467 (tampering with security, etc.) 468 (forgery for cheating) 471 (use of document falsified as genuine) as well as article 12 of the Passport Law.


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