Nearly 40,000 Algerians had their Schengen visa refused in 2021, 80% of them by the French authorities


The embassy, ​​consulates and other visa processing services of France in Algeria rejected 31,955 Schengen visa applications for France submitted in 2021, representing 80.5% of the total number of Schengen visa applications rejected by the European countries in this North African country.

While a total of 140,212 Algerians applied for a Schengen visa last year, only 83,941 of them received a positive response to their applications, meaning the remaining 32% had their applications rejected.

Recently released Schengen visa statistics show that the majority of rejected visa decisions were issued by French authorities in Algeria, while the second Schengen country with the highest number of rejected visa applications in Algeria is Spain ( 4,912).

Despite the high number of rejected applications, France also remains the country that issued the most Schengen visas to Algerians last year, a total of 44,032, followed by:

  • Spain – 34,139
  • Italy – 2,898
  • Switzerland – 641

According to Besart Bajrami, founder of, the reason for the high number of Schengen visa applications rejected by France for Algerian nationals is a decision by the French government to grant fewer visas than before for nationals of this country.

In September 2021, France had decided to grant fewer visas than before for nationals of Algeria, since the latter had refused to take back its nationals residing illegally in France after being refused asylum.“says Bajrami.

He also notes that the low number of people vaccinated in the country against the coronavirus – only 1.17 out of 100 citizens – may have contributed to the high number of rejected applications in this country as well.

The large share of visa rejections by French authorities last year ranked Algeria as one of the third countries with the highest share of visa rejections, well above the global average rejection share of 13. 4%.

Yet 2021 is not the only year in which Algeria has been listed among the countries with the highest visa refusal rates, as in 2020 Algeria had a refusal rate of 38%, in 2019, 43% and in 2018, a refusal rate. rejection rate as high as 45.5 percent. Each year, France was the first country to reject, but it has never been responsible for such a high share of the rejection rate as in 2021.

For 2021, applicants applying for a Schengen visa at embassies, consulates and other visa centers in Denmark, France, Norway and Sweden were the most likely to have their application rejected, compared to visa issuing services other member countries of the Schengen area. .

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