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The New Zealand Visa for US Citizens (often referred to as the ‘NZeTA’) was introduced in 2019 to allow eligible individuals to travel to New Zealand for leisure or business. Americans and citizens of over 170 other countries can use the New Zealand visa. US citizens can quickly obtain a New Zealand visa. I just completed a brief online form.

Documents needed by US citizens to apply for an eTA in New Zealand.

The documents required to apply for a New Zealand visa are:

  • A passport issued in the United States is still valid for travel to New Zealand for at least three months.
  • A working credit or debit card to cover necessary eTA fees
  • An active email address to which the New Zealand visa will be sent upon approval
  • A recent photograph of the applicant in passport-style attire

American tourists visiting New Zealand may need to prove they have enough money to cover their travel costs once there. People can find out the status of their application by visiting the Department of Immigration’s website. A user must register to check the status.


All residents of the European Union are allowed to visit New Zealand for up to three months without a visa in countries with a visa policy, but only with an ETA. But there is an exception. The New Zealand visa for European citizens allows a visa-free stay of six months in New Zealand. Just to clear up any confusion, a distinction should be noted in this situation. Being a member of the European Union is one thing, but being a member of Europe is another. The first alludes to the continent, while the second to the EU agreement. To be clear, only countries that are members of the European Union can travel without a visa.

ETIAS for citizens of Zeeland

The visa-free ETIAS initiative aims to increase security and safety across the EU. It will allow European authorities to determine whether residents of New Zealand and other non-EU countries are allowed to travel to the Schengen area.

New Zealand travelers will have unlimited access to the Schengen area after receiving authorization from their ETIAS and entering it. A maximum of 90 days can be spent on ETIAS for 180 days. New Zealanders can travel to Europe multiple times without having to reapply for an ETIAS as long as the 90-day maximum is not exceeded. Until your passport expires, the authorization will be valid for three years. The complete ETIAS waiver application procedure will be done online. This means that New Zealand passport holders will not need to visit a consulate or embassy and can submit an application to enter the Schengen area from anywhere in the world, including their own. .

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