No change in student visa rules; The U.S. Embassy makes it easy to apply via Dropbox


In an exclusive interview with PTC News Senior Anchor Radha Sahni, US Visa Officer Ms Poornima clarified that there has been no change in the visa rules, in fact it is become easier for students to apply for a student visa. She said: “We are introducing a Dropbox. Those whose visa has expired can drop their photos, passport and application in the Dropbox. Dropbox appointments are separated and time slots are available on the official website.”

“Millions of students apply for a US visa every year. We will also issue student visas this year,” she said, adding that Covid-19 rules should be followed.

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Ms Poornima said vaccination against Covid was mandatory and the vaccine should have the green light from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Students are welcome in the United States, we are doing our best to open as many appointments as possible for students,” she added. She insisted on the covid protocol and clarified that the RT-PCR test can be done a day before traveling to the United States.

Both FDA-approved and WHO-approved vaccines are permitted.

She said there was no need to hire consultants or agents as it was a complete waste of time and money. “You can go through the official website of the American Embassy for all the details,” she added.

About the interview process, she said, “Always tell the visa officer the truth. Provide correct information.

She said during the interview that one should bring only the necessary documents, the list of which can be checked on the official website.

In a special Q&A session on its Facebook page, the U.S. Embassy answered a question: Applicants who have already been turned down can reapply by scheduling an appointment at in. We should point out, however, that due to the non-refundable visa application fee required, it may be in your interest to reapply only if you have new information to present to the consular officer or if your circumstances have significantly changed. exchange. However, we cannot guarantee that a new request will lead to a different decision.

Responding to another question, the US Embassy page replied, “Due to high demand, H and L appointments are fully booked for the next few months, but we will be opening more H appointments. and L from September if conditions permit”.

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Watch the full PTC News interview with a visa officer.

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