Overview of the Nonimmigrant Visa Application Process


The U.S. Embassy is pleased to answer some common questions nonimmigrant (“vacation”) visa holders and applicants may have.

Q: What is a nonimmigrant visa?

A: Nonimmigrant visas are for people who want to come to the United States temporarily for tourism, business, temporary work, study, or medical care. There are many types of nonimmigrant visas, from vacation visas to specialty visas for certain types of work or study. For complete US travel and visa information, please visit http://www.travel.state.gov.

Q: Now that I know what visa I need, how do I apply?

A: Be sure to complete your online application, register for visa services, pay the processing fee and schedule your appointment.

First, complete the online application

All applicants must complete a DS-160 nonimmigrant visa application form at https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/. A separate form is required for each family member. After clicking on the DS-160 application form website, select “Guyana, Georgetown” from the drop-down menu, then click “Start Application”. You will be asked to answer a series of questions which you must answer honestly. When you’re done, print the final “confirmation page” with the barcode. This page MUST be presented on the date of your visa interview.

If you choose to use a visa preparation service, such as an Internet cafe or a consultant, it is your responsibility to ensure that the information entered in your DS-160 application is complete and accurate. YOU are responsible for all errors in your application, which may affect your qualification for a visa.

Second, register for visa services and pay the visa processing fee

Visit our Visa Information Service website at http://Guyana.usvisa-info.com and register for visa services by clicking the “Create Account” button. Follow the steps outlined and print the two (2) deposit slips which must be presented at any Scotiabank Guyana branch to complete payment of the application fee.

The visa application and processing fee for most nonimmigrant visa categories (B1, B2, C1, C1/D, F, M, J) is USD 160.00. Fee information for other visa categories is available at http://travel.state.gov. Scotiabank Guyana will stamp a copy of the deposit slip as “paid”. You will need this copy to schedule your appointment.

Third, schedule your interview appointment

Within two business days of paying your visa processing fee to Scotiabank Guyana, you can schedule your visa appointment online at http://Guyana.usvisa-info.com.

Q: What time should I report to the US Embassy?

A: Report to the U.S. Embassy for your interview at the scheduled time. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your appointment time.

Q: What should I bring to my nonimmigrant visa interview?

A: Bring your passport, a 2×2 inch photo and your application confirmation page. Applicants under the age of 18 must present original birth certificates issued within the last two (2) years by the Office of the Registrar General. Applicants under the age of 14 are not required to accompany their parents to the interview.

Q: Can I bring my friend to the interview?

A: Due to security concerns and space constraints, you will not be able to bring friends, relatives, lawyers or business contacts to attend the visa interview with you. Only minors, people with disabilities, interpreters (for applicants who do not speak English) and elderly people requiring special assistance may bring a family member to the interview.

Q: What security procedures should I follow when arriving at the U.S. Embassy?

A: You will be checked by security personnel before entry. Certain items are not permitted at the Embassy, ​​including food, liquids, firearms, cell phones, cameras or video cameras, radios, computers or other electronic equipment. See the full list of prohibited items at http://georgetown. usembassy.gov/prohibited_items.html.

Q: I have finished my interview. My visa has been approved. What do I do now?

A: If your visa application is approved, the Consular Officer will provide a Visa Delivery Instruction Notice advising you to collect your visa at the New Document Service Center (DSC), located at 345 Middle and East Streets, North Cummingsburg, Georgetown. Candidates will be able to pick up their passport five (5) working days after the interview, Monday to Friday (except public holidays), from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Pickup requirements for adult applicants: Applicants 18 years of age or older must present government-issued ID to DSC within 30 days of visa approval. Official identification can be a national identity card or an official driver’s license.

Pickup requirements for underage applicants: When retrieving documents for children under 18, a parent must provide proof of identity and proof of their relationship to the applicant. The following items are required:

  1. The child’s original birth certificate or adoption decree, with the parent’s full legal name displayed on the document.
  2. The parent must prove their identity by presenting a national identity card or passport corresponding to the parent’s name as it appears on the child’s birth certificate or adoption decree.

Third Party Pickup Requirements: Soon, adult applicants will be able to authorize a third party to retrieve their passport documents. The third party must present the following documents:

  1. A signed letter of authorization, notarized by a notary public or justice of the peace, which indicates the full legal name of the third party.
  2. A photocopy of one of the applicant’s identification documents: passport, national identity card or driving license.
  3. The third party’s passport, national identity card or driver’s license. The name on the ID presented must match the name on the authorization letter.

Questions regarding the DSC Document Return Service, including visa issuance status questions, can be directed to the Visa Information Service phone line at 592-225-8732.

“Ask the Consul” from the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy answers questions about U.S. immigration law and visa issues. If you have a general visa policy question, please email it to us at [email protected] We regularly select questions and publish the answers in Stabroek News.

Visa and travel information can be found at https://gy. usembassy.gov, http://travel.state.gov and http://www.dhs.gov.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to prepare their own documentation and avoid third party advice. Regulations change frequently, and non-US government advisors frequently provide inadequate, incomplete, and inaccurate information.

Other than the columns you see printed here, we are unable to answer questions sent to Ask the Consul. Please contact the Visa Information Service at phone number 225-8732 or 703-439-2359 if you have procedural questions or email [email protected] for case-specific information.


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