Parents of Indian student shot dead in Canada urge government to get visas to travel to Toronto


After the murder of Kartik Vasudev, an Indian student in Toronto, Canada, his distraught family members on Saturday urged the government to help secure Canadian visas for them. The parents of Kartik, who was shot in a subway station, said they wanted to leave for Toronto to ensure the investigation goes smoothly. The father of the slain Indian student said local police informed him that his son had been robbed.

The 21-year-old student, identified as Kartik Vasudev, was from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and was shot dead outside Sherbourne metro station on Thursday evening. The victim’s father, Jitesh Vasudev, said his son left for Canada in January to take a course in global management. Now the family have asked the government to facilitate their trip to Canada to ensure the killer is brought to justice.

“I don’t know what is happening. We want the truth to come out as soon as possible so that we can find out what happened with our child and why he was shot,” said the father of Kartik Vasudev, 21 years.

He further noted that the family feared the case would be covered up by local authorities to “protect” the town’s image.

“It has been more than 48 hours but the family, who lives in Rajendra Nagar area of ​​Ghaziabad bordering the national capital, has yet to hear from government officials for any help in India as well as in India. Canada,” Jitesh Vasudev told PTI.

“I did not receive any message or call from any authority. There was a tweet from External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar sir which I even replied to but there was no follow up. From Canada we have received an email from an investigator of my son’s case who asked for our permission to share his photos with the media there. We are not informed of anything,” he added.

He further stated that the family was unaware of the ongoing investigation in the foreign country and urged the government to facilitate their travel to ensure the investigation.

Indian Embassy in Toronto assures help to family of student killed in Canada

Meanwhile, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar expressed his grief over Saturday’s incident but did not share further details of the brutal murder of the Indian student. However, the Indian Embassy in Toronto expressed shock at the murder and assured the family to provide all possible assistance for the speedy repatriation of the remains. The ministry has yet to respond to the family’s appeal for Canadian visas to travel.

According to his family, Kartik moved to Canada in January this year to study marketing management. He was a student at Seneca College in Toronto and worked part-time in a restaurant. According to information provided by Canadian police, Kartik was shot dead by an unknown person at the entrance to a Toronto subway station while on his way to work.

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