Quickly issue remaining 58 visas to Afghan Sikhs: MP Vikram Sahney at MEA | India News

The 11 Afghan Sikhs who came to Delhi from Kabul with the ashes of Sawinder Singh, who was killed in a gurudwara attack in Kabul on Thursday. (File photo: ANI)

CHANDIGARH: Deputy of the Rajya Sabha Vikramjit Singh Sahneywho is also the international president of Punjab World Organizationasked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AEM) to quickly issue the remaining 58 visas to Afghan Sikhs.
Sahney reaffirmed his commitment to rehabilitating the remaining Afghan Sikh refugees under the “My Family, My Responsibility” program, which has been running for two years.
Eleven Afghan Sikhs, out of the remaining 164 stranded in Kabul, landed in Delhi with the ashes of Sawinder Singh, who died in the recent bombing, said sahney, adding that he is in contact with each of them in Kabul and is coordinating with the MEA for their evacuation. The Indian embassy has restarted operations in Kabul after talks with the Taliban, he also said.
Meanwhile, Paramjit Singh Bedi, President of the Global Sikh Forum, USA, has asked the SGPC to honor its pledge by releasing Rs 33 lakh for the families of 24 Sikhs who lost their lives in Kabul. Gurdwara bombing in 2020 and 13 deaths in 2018 in an attack on a gurdwara in Jalalabad.


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