Residents of the United Arab Emirates who need a Schengen visa no longer face long waiting times for appointments


Waiting times of three months or more for UAE residents to obtain a Schengen visa have come to an end, with visa appointments available immediately.

“Schengen visa appointments are available as of now, but it still depends on the embassy or country UAE-based travelers are applying with. Some countries cannot yet make visa appointments before October, Raheesh Babu from an online travel platform revealed.

An Indian expat based in Abu Dhabi only had to wait 20 days for a Schengen visa appointment, while the waiting time was three to four months. In September, the UAE resident will travel to three member states; Switzerland, Italy and Germany, reports

“I was surprised when I got the slot so early because I had read news about the long delays. Even the process of handing over the documents was quite simple and straightforward,” he said.

In addition, ticket prices across Europe have also changed elsewhere, with flights to Amsterdam going from €283 and €377, as they currently cost, to €141 and €236 in September.

A one-way ticket to Berlin currently costs around €283 and is expected to be halved by the end of next month, while flights to Madrid cost €236, but fares are unlikely to see big changes there.

On the route to Paris, the cheapest plane ticket for the first week of September will represent nearly half of the current fares.

“With fuel prices still quite high, fares will not return to pre-pandemic levels anytime soon. Although leisure travel will drop significantly in the coming weeks, business travel will continue to increase” , he added. says a travel agent.

However, as airfare prices fall, flight disruptions are occurring across Europe, with further flight cancellations expected in the coming months. In Spain, Ryanair staff have announced weekly strikes until January 7, 2023, while in Portugal aviation workers are taking several days of action in August.

These strikes are taking place due to the high demand for travel and actions to improve wages for air workers.

Last month, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol introduced a compensation scheme for passengers who were at the airport between April 23 and August 11 but missed their flight due to bad weather. unexpected waits at the security check.

In addition, in July, residents of the United Arab Emirates faced long delays in obtaining visas to travel to Europe, which could range from three weeks to three months.


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