Russian president to present badges of courage to diplomats killed in embassy bombing


The two Russian diplomats who died in the recent embassy bombing received badges of courage from the Russian Embassy in Kabul, “in recognition of their bravery and dedication in the line of duty.”

The Russian Embassy in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul has awarded its diplomats the Badge of Courage of the Nation, following a decree issued by the country’s President Vladimir Putin.

According to a tweet on Thursday (September 15th), the second secretary of the embassy and another Russian staff member who died in the recent attack on the Russian embassy in Kabul were each awarded a medal of bravery by the Russian president.

Several people were killed in an ISIS blast that occurred outside the Russian Embassy in Kabul on September 5 this year, including two embassy staff.

Following the deadly attack, the Russian Embassy announced on Tuesday September 13 that the Embassy has suspended all consular services and visa issuance until further notice as strict security measures are in place to the embassy.

According to a statement from the Russian Embassy, ​​Russian citizens living in Afghanistan are also advised to call the consular hotline in case of emergency.


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