Seven Kano pilgrims with fake visas expelled from Saudi Arabia


Officials at King Abdulazeez Airport deported seven Nigerian pilgrims who traveled from Kano to Saudi Arabia for Hajj on Thursday.

Five of the future pilgrims obtained their travel documents from the tour operators. The other two organized their pilgrimage with the Kano State Pilgrim Welfare Board.

Dahiru Yau Musa, one of the deportees, said Quraish Travel Agency and Mafimishkila Travel and Tours processed visas for the five of them, Reported Daily Confidence.

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“We were in the queue with other pilgrims and when it was my turn they ordered me to stay behind. It was when they finished screening the other pilgrims that they told me about the fake visa,” Musa said.

“They spoke with NAHCON officials. It took them a while to try to fix the problem, but to no avail. Finally, we were told that we were being taken back to Nigeria. And the rest is now history.

Musa explained that the travelers did not know that the travel agencies had issued them fake visas. He said he would take legal action against Quraish Travel Agency.

“Since my return, my tour operator has been trying to meet me, but I avoid him because I don’t want to hear anything from him until we get to court.

“Once again, I will submit the issue to the Saudi consulate here so that I can be allowed to travel in the future.

“It was really a sad experience. I couldn’t believe this would happen to me. You know, as a Muslim, to see you there (Holy Land) and you were taken back to your country is not something something easy to understand.

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Muhammad Abba Danbatta, executive secretary of the Kano State Pilgrim Welfare Board, has confirmed the deportation of two Nigerians. Danbatta told reporters that the deported pilgrims were not part of the council, but had been added to the list by one of the staff.

“I met the two pilgrims, a woman and a man, who claimed to be from our center in Sumaila,” Danbatta said.

“I called the head of the Sumaila center but he didn’t know them and they didn’t know him. It was when we conducted a thorough investigation that we discovered that the two pilgrims had been cheated by one of our staff by the name of Abdurrahman. He issued them fake visas and receipts.

Danbatta said Abdurrahman could not be reached on his cell phone and authorities were carrying out further investigations.


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