Several people try to enter the Iranian Embassy in Oslo



COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Several people in a violent crowd attempted to enter the Iranian embassy in Oslo, police said Thursday, as scuffles broke out and stones were thrown at officers. Authorities said 90 people had been arrested.

A crowd had gathered outside the diplomatic mission in Oslo to protest the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was being held in Iran after being detained by Iranian morality police. Several were shouting, others had Kurdish flags around their shoulders. Some called for the freedom of Kurdistan, for the freedom of women and shouted Amini’s name.

Police in the Norwegian capital said “many people were behaving violently”.

Amini was arrested for allegedly breaking headscarf rules and died on September 16. Iranian police said she died of a heart attack and was not abused, but her family questioned that account. The Oslo clashes came as protests over his death spread to dozens of Iranian cities and towns.

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