Special Envoy urges Chinese Embassy to lift restrictions on Nigerian travelers | The Guardian Nigeria News


Nigeria’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, His Excellency Baba Ahmad Jidda, has called for the removal of travel restrictions on Nigerians traveling to China, to further deepen the economic ties between the two countries.

Jidda, during a courtesy visit to Air Peace headquarters in Lagos, praised the flagship carrier for its successful launch of commercial flights to Guangzhou-China, adding that there was more to be done to make the most of advantages.

The envoy noted that it took about four years of negotiations for Air Peace to launch flights to China.

“I would like to say that as an ambassador, we still have a lot to do to help Air Peace operate comfortably for the benefit of all Nigerians and Chinese. So far, the Chinese are benefiting immensely from the operations of Air Peace because Nigerians have some difficulties in obtaining visas.

“So I want to implore the Chinese Embassy in Abuja to consider easing the restrictions on Nigerians so that Nigerians will get visas and they will now fly with Air Peace and the market for Air Peace will grow. will develop. This, for us, is very important,” he said.

Air Peace President Allen Onyema hailed the ambassador’s solidarity, adding that the country stood behind him.

Onyema said, “That’s why I always believed in the unity of this country. I am Onyema from South East. You are Alhaji Baba Ahmad Jidda from the North East. You fought for me. You fought for this Air Peace belonging to an Igbo man. And today we have it, the road to China.

“Today I want to take this opportunity to tell Nigerians that a northerner fought for this. Also, a northerner, our president, endorsed all of this and made sure that you , Your Excellency, represent the country so well there to ensure that a Nigerian airline gets that approval.You held your ground.Even when we were not contacting you, you were working behind the scenes to make sure this happened.

“And you even went ahead and said that you will force the Chinese authorities to relax their visa rules. Nigerians are dealing with the Republic of China. So we are very grateful. We appreciate the President of having ensured that his government stood with indigenous investors to ensure that their businesses prospered.


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