Stranded Afghan Students Protest Outside Indian Embassy in Kabul, Demand Visa to Continue Their Studies – Edexlive


Image of the event | Picture: Source

Afghan students studying at Indian universities and now stuck in the war-torn country awaiting their Indian student visas, protested outside the Indian Embassy in Kabul on Wednesday September 28 to grant them the same thing. Meena Nazami, who is a former Afghan student at Delhi University, recalled that classes and exams resumed in physical mode in India in February 2022. However, no Afghan student has received their visas. “More than 2,000 students enrolled in Indian universities failed their classes and were forced to skip their exams, which ultimately resulted in a semester dropping out,” she said earlier. Edex Live.

Students gathered near the Indian embassy in Kabul on September 28, holding banners calling on the Indian government to grant them visas. They said earlier that although they were told to apply for the emergency e-visa, they received no positive response from authorities in either country. This e-Emergency X-Misc visa is an electronic visa available only to Afghan citizens and valid for only six months, due to the emergency in the country.

The students took to social media platforms such as Twitter with the hashtag #IssueVisaToAfghanStudentsIndia and tagged ministers in India and Afghanistan. Ambassador M Ashraf Haidari, who is Afghanistan’s Ambassador to Sri Lanka, responded to one of the students’ tweets saying, “As an act of regional leadership, India can help ensure the future of these Afghan students who study in Indian universities but are stranded. under Taliban oppression to return to their studies. They need a visa to do so.



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